Handmade Nation in NYC

I had quite a day yesterday!

Anyone who has ever flown out of Atlanta knows you really should get there early, and as a native Atlantan, I find being early to the airport is the only time in life that I am truly anal about being on time. So I got to my gate around 8:30 yesterday and after hanging out for about an hour discovered that my flight had been cancelled due to high winds in New York. I got on standby for a 12:45…denied…and then went to my gate for the 2:45 flight, which I had a confirmed seat for.

I really wouldn’t have cared too much about waiting except that I was headed to the New York premiere of Handmade Nation, which started at 6:30. So while I waited for the 2:45, I went ahead and changed my clothes because I was wearing jeans for flying but wanted to look a little cuter for the film, and I didn’t think I’d have even a spare moment once we landed. I will spare you details, but putting on tights, I discovered, in a bathroom stall is really difficult!

Around 1:45, they announced the flight wasn’t going to take off until 4:45 because of the wind, which meant I wouldn’t make it on time at all.

Then at 2:15 they announced we were going to start boarding! Emotional roller coaster! I was just so happy I hadn’t wandered off from the gate. Thank you to everyone who followed me on Facebook & Twitter and crossed their fingers for me. It totally helped!

So after the choppiest descent into a city I’ve ever experienced and a sorta scary cab ride through rush hour traffic (I did tell him to hurry after all) … I made it! And met up with my lovely friend Jen. The event was sold out, which was really exciting.

Handmade Nation in NYC

After the screening there was a panel discussion about the film and being a crafter. I need to look up how to spell everyone’s names so I’ll post more later as well as more about the film.

Handmade Nation in NYC

I love being part of such a great community and seeing my crafty peeps!

Handmade Nation in NYC
Faythe (the film’s visionary and director), me & Deb (one of the crafters featured in the film).

I’m so glad I made it to New York!