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I’m co-editor of GetCrafty.com and write a monthly column. Here is a list of my articles:

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Renegade Chicago 2008
get ready for 2008!
I Bought Handmade This Holiday Season
Buy Handmade This Holiday Season
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Atlanta’s Young Blood Gallery & Boutique Turns 10
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a new chapter for the Indie Craft Documentary
A Crafty Visit to Southern California
a new year…2007
Dec 9 & 10, 2006 – CRAFTIEST WEEKEND EVER?!
HOW TO: write a press release
HOW TO: deal with stress in your own special way
HOW TO: learn about business from martha, PART 2!
HOW TO: learn about business from martha
HOW TO: craft a wedding that represents you and your true love
HOW TO: get your craft space going on
HOW TO: get the new year started right
HOW TO: enjoy the holidays
HOW TO: find lots of fabulous fabric
HOW TO: prepare for a craft fair
HOW TO: spruce up your wardrobe
HOW TO: organize your own hip holiday sale

Japanese Stab Binding, vol. 5, page 97

05 !

The Queen of Hearts Cuff: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

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