No matter how hard I try, I always spend a small fortune on food whenever I go to New York. This trip I decided to not even try to be frugal because …

1) Spending a lot is inevitable.
2) I’d be setting myself up for guilt later.
3) And, let’s be honest, I really like to eat, and the food in NY is so good!

It proved to be a delightful decision!

This is where I ate during my trip:

Takahachi, 85 Avenue A, East Village
Lil’ Frankie’s, 19 First Ave, East Village
Spring Street Natural Restaurant, 62 Spring St., SoHo,
Bouchon Bakery, Ten Columbus Circle in the Time Warner Center
Pukk, 71 1st Ave, East Village
• Café Pick Me Up, 145 Avenue A, East Village

Everything was super excellent, but Pukk, Lil’ Frankie’s and Takahachi were my favorites. I’ve been in love with Pukk for a long time now, Takahachi was my favorite new place to try during my last visit, and Lil’ Frankie’s is my favorite new-to-me place this trip.

NYC - Feb 09NYC - Feb 09NYC - Feb 09NYC - Feb 09
Highlights from Lil’ Frankie’s

I also enjoyed two homemade treats. Jen made us oatmeal two mornings. In one of our conversations this weekend, she mentioned that she is into making very simple salads lately instead of loading them up with ingredients. Clearly, she is channeling that energy into oatmeal instead! Ingredients included coconut, blueberries, bananas, ground flax seed, walnuts, and maple syrup.

NYC - Feb 09

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Shannon brought homemade chocolate truffles all the way from Atlanta. I’ve been enjoying her truffles for years, but this time she completely outdid herself. Flavors included Spicy Mango, Ginger Wasabi and Lemon Blackberry. The packaging made it an extra special treat.

NYC - Feb 09

While a weekend of embracing food and not worrying about the consequences is so wonderful, reality set in today. Because I got back to town late last night, I didn’t pack a lunch and got food at China Breeze in the CNN Center. My fortune cookie really brought me back to reality quickly:

You shouldn’t overspend at the moment. Frugality is important.

Nice reminder! Noted.