Hand.Craft.It Festival

Hey Crafters,
Can you help me out with a few quick questions? I’d love to hear what you think!

Do you like a one-day show better or a two-day? Why?
Does this depend on whether it is in town or out-of-town?
Are you more apt to travel to another city for a show if it is a one-day (fewer days on the road, less $ for hotels) or a two-day (more opportunity to sell!)?
Does indoor vs. outdoor influence whether you like a one-day or two-day better?
Considering the current economic situation, would you be more prone to participate in a one-day (fewer hours to sell) or a two-day (more expensive vendor fee)?

I’m pondering my show schedule for the year and looking into some different markets. I got to thinking about how much I love Renegade because it is a two-day show -AND- how much I love Crafty Bastards because it is a one-day…um, yes I know those are conflicting feelings!

Shoppers, how about you? Do you like a one-day market or a two-day better? Why?

Thanks for your opinions!