Anyone on Facebook has surely received the invitation to post 25 random facts about themselves sometime in the last couple of weeks. I did mine a few days ago and thought I’d repost it here:

25 Random Things About Me

1. I’ve always wanted to write a book (like since I was in 3rd grade)
2. I looooooooooooooove olives sooooooooooo much.
3. I was born in Texas, but then my fam moved when I was 6 months old and I’ve never been back since.
4. I love walking around … it provides such a different perspective from driving somewhere.
5. I’ve been married 6 years and refer to myself as a “child bride”. Really I was 25 when we got married, a little on the youngish side but not crazy-young.
6. I hardly ever cuss so people tend to think it’s funny when I do.
7. I love to craft and have been really creative my whole life. I’m currently into making jewelry and screen printing, but I go through phases.
8. I looooove pizza a whole whole lot. Luckily, I used to work at a Greek pizza restaurant, called Athens Pizza House, for years (5-ish) so I got to eat tons of pizza and olives (#2). I also love feta. I was in heaven working there.
9. Red is my favorite color and chocolate brown makes me really happy.
10. I went to a high school for High Achievers which sounds dorky any way you say it. I really enjoyed it though!
11. I went to an all women’s college, the concept of which sounds really strange to most people. I really enjoyed it also!
12. I’ve lived in Atlanta my whole life…except for those 3 months in Paducah, KY.
13. While I love many parts of Atlanta, Decatur is my true love.
14. I met my husband at the Brick Store Pub in Decatur … ps. I love to drink beer.
15. I’ve never had a pet (except a few fish)
16. I have two nieces named Alexandra. My sister is the mother of one and my sister-in-law is the mother of the other.
17. My mom has 3 sons named David. My brother (who is the youngest of the three) was the first. Then my brother-in-law married my sister. Then I married Davis (who’s real name is David).
18. I think I wasted a lot of time the first few years after college so I have this hangup that I have to “make up for lost time” … I work really, really hard and worry sometimes that I’m not seeing enough results.
19. I’m hoping to participate in a craft market in California this year…*fingers crossed*
20. My husband is a drummer so I get to haul stuff a lot (but then he gets to haul stuff for craft markets a lot so it all evens out – we’re a great team!). I love to watch him play.
21. I want to have kids just not certain about the timing.
22. I’ve set up a monthly date with a friend so we can critique each other’s writing projects. I’m very excited about this.
23. I’m going to New York next month.
24. I’m the middle child … my sister is 8 years older and my brother is 12 years younger.
25. I’m generally a very happy person.