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Kickstarter is such a cool concept. If you aren’t familiar, here are their own words: “What is Kickstarter? We’re the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world.”

If you know me at all you can guess why I think this is cool:
1) I love projects.
2) I love anything that is focused on creativity.
3) I love it when people help each other.

Projects on Kickstarter only get funded if the project’s monetary goal is met. This means if a project’s goal is to raise $2,000 but people only pledge $1,500 then the project gets $0 of funding. Because of this when people have a project on Kickstarter they have to do a lot of hustling and getting the word out in order to make it work.

Here are two projects that I think are worth supporting right now. Please remember, every little bit helps…even $5! Both campaigns include fun treats that you’ll get as a thank you when the campaign is over. I mean, you should give just to give, but treats are motivating.

The Creatives Project is an Atlanta-based organization whose goal is to introduce artists and musicians to new audiences through art-based outreach and educational programs. Check out their site and you might recognize someone near and dear on the homepage. Yup, that’s Zano, the Indie Craft Experience‘s official DJ! There are only 5 days left on their campaign and they need to raise just under $2,000 more.

Here is their Kickstarter page, including a video.

The second project I’d like to tell you about just launched and is going until April 27th, which is not to say that you should wait to pledge! Becky of Sweetie Pie Press is an amazing member of the indie craft community. Every summer Becky leaves her home in Toronto and does a big crafty tour of North America, which she documents on her blog. I first met Becky at the Craft Congress in Pittsburgh waaaaay back in 2007 and since then have run into her at craft fairs all over the place. She participated in Kraftwork when she came through town in 2008 but she hasn’t ever been here for the Indie Craft Experience. Help fund her project and we’ll get to have her great creativity at ICE this summer! You’ll enjoy her video.

Here is Becky’s Kickstarter page, including a video.

Thanks for looking at these two projects. I love to see people using their creative gifts to make their dreams happen…let’s help them out!