I’ve been MIA. Yup, so far 2010 has not been my brightest blogging year. I’ve posted twice. Twice.

So I just wanted to explain. I’ll get back to blogging soon but I do think the next few weeks will be sparse.

In June 2009, we started house hunting. We looked at over 50 houses. We drove by dozens more. We placed offers. We lost houses. It was frustrating. In August, we placed an offer on a house in East Atlanta, a short walk from the village. We didn’t get it. We took it as a wake up call. Maybe we weren’t prepared. Maybe we should take a year and save more money. We set the dream (temporarily) free.

Literally, the day after we decided to wait, I hopped in the car with Becky and drove to DC for Crafty Bastards. On the way, I heard from my realtor who told me the East Atlanta house was back on the market and did we want to put in another offer. Long story short, the next day as soon as we loaded up the car after the craft market Becky, Kurt and I went on the hunt for a fax machine in Adams Morgan so I could send an earnest money check. One super nice bartender and a $10 tip on one beer later and our offer was official.

And then the waiting began. The house was a short sale. The opposite of short. There were many twists, turns, heartaches, triumphs and then 5 months later…we closed on the house. Ever since, we’ve been painting and pulling up carpet and packing soon to be proud residents of EAV. The next 30 years are gonna be great!

Home Owners
Davis & Christy…new home owners!

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