Creative Mornings



I attended Creative Mornings Atlanta this morning and heard Tod Martin of Unboundary give a talk called:
So far
A mid term report
(He will be 50 next week!)

The key points:

#1 Approach people as equals.
#2 See the world through other people’s eyes. Share the world you see.
#3 Making sense of things-for yourself and others
#4 Stories have super human power.
#5 Make sure you’re thinking big enough.



My craft, Indie Craft Experience


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Next weekend, June 2-3, is the Indie Craft Experience and I’ve been busy, busy getting ready for it. Lately, I’ve barely been a crafter because I’ve been so busy planning this event (and before that Salvage and before that Wedding Day Hooray and before that the ICE Pop Up Shop and before that Holiday ICE…you get the picture). ICE has turned into my craft. I hope you’ll join us next weekend so I can show you what I created!


EAV Farmers Market


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The past few Thursdays I’ve really enjoyed taking a break from lots of (exciting) work for a few hours to go to the East Atlanta Farmers Market and afterwards The Midway Pub. It has turned into a fun meet-up with awesome friends, a great way to be a part of my neighborhood and to support local farmers and businesses.

This week I got 10 peaches, lettuce, 4 yogurts, a small loaf of Kalamata olive bread, chèvre and a peach King of Pops!


Thank You Party


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Last weekend we hosted a Thank You Party for the Indie Craft Experience. People who have done *big* favors for us over the past year and a half were invited, and we had a great time hanging out at Manuel’s Tavern together. It gave me the opportunity to do a little crafting, something I never get to do anymore. I made cards, 1″ buttons and toppers for the whoopie pies that we ordered from No Big Whoop! Bakery. We ordered heart and star stamps from Native Bear to give as party favors, and each attendee got a ticket for a drink from the bar. We had a great time! And are so thankful for so many super-helpful awesome friends.


I <3 West Egg


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I’m such an Eastside girl. I’ve always lived on the Eastside of Atlanta – Decatur, Poncey-Highland and now East Atlanta Village. I have much love for downtown though and just beyond that, I’ve enjoyed watching the Westside come to life in recent years. One of my favorite spots is West Egg Cafe. The food is delish, they serve awesome Batdorf & Bronson coffee and I love their aesthetic. Vintage, modern, industrial, clean, simple.

I need to take photos of their decor because I love it so much, but right now I am focused on the food. Breakfast for dinner.