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I feel very lucky to know so many creative people. Almost everyone I know has some (or many!) side projects going on or they even make a living with their creativity. One such friend is the uber-talented Jessica Swift. I “met” Jess on Flickr 5 or 6 years ago and shortly thereafter she was a vendor at ICE so I met her in real life. She and her boyfriend (now husband), Ryan, were so nice. I can’t remember how we became friends after that, but in more recent years we have traveled to Chicago and DC for craft markets, crafted together prior to those shows to get ready and I even had the honor of enjoying home cooked Indian food at her house a few weeks ago!

Last summer, Jessica did a Kickstarter so that she could produce rain boots. She is a real Kickstarter success story, going beyond her goal with time to spare. Once she met her monetary goal she had a lot to do to reach her actual goal, but I’m pleased to announce that the boots are a reality now and I got my pair recently. They come in a box that looks like this (so profesh!):

The boots themselves feature patterns designed by Jessica. Very vibrant, full of color!! The inside has a secret motivational message (seen above), which is great any day – rainy or not. Luckily, it has rained a lot lately so I’ve gotten to wear my pair! And they are so awesome. Go here for more info about the boots and here to learn more about Jessica and her work.