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I love a good team up.
So imagine my delight when I heard that Sublime Stitching’s latest artist series is Ryan Berkley.

Berkley Illustration is a husband and wife team (Ryan and Lucy) from Portland, and they are some of my most fave people to meet up with when we’re out on the road at craft markets. Ryan’s illustrations depict very dignified, classy animal characters. On the back of each print there is a hilarious little story about each animal written by Lucy. Their products are amazing, but I also love the Berkleys because they are so dang nice and funny.

Sublime Stitching is an embroidery supply company located in Austin that features amazing embroidery patterns created by Jenny Hart, an indie craft pioneer who has been a hero of mine since 2003. Jenny was one of the first artists to get on board with this whole concept that traditional craft skills can be used for something cool as opposed to outdated, uninspiring imagery. Jenny is such a big deal to me that when I first met her in 2007 (after years of walking up to her booth at Renegade and then being too shy to introduce myself) and she told me her name, I replied “I know” as though she were a movie star. Oh man, I’m such a dork. Turns out Jenny is super-duper nice as well and I manage to act more normal when I run into her now. This year marks the ten year anniversary of Sublime Stitching. Dang, time flies.

In short, I love to see my favorite peeps working together.