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We certainly get ice a lot in Atlanta but snow – real snow that actually sticks and accumulates – is quite the treat! Sunday night it started to snow, like for realz. It was pretty exciting. A few hours later we were completely covered. Yesterday was a snow day and we got to stay home just like back in the day when we were in school. Over night, the snow turned to ice so today is an ice day and we’re sort of stuck. It’s not as glamorous.

We took a walk through our neighborhood in the late afternoon yesterday so here are some photos of East Atlanta on 1/10/11.

Sunday night the snow started to come down...our car was covered pretty quick.

Sunday night, front yard getting covered.

Monday, our street totally covered.

We tried digging our car out...notice how tall the snow is on the roof of the car.

Taking a walk through our neighborhood.

Our little post office.

East Atlanta Village on Monday afternoon.

East Atlanta Village on Monday afternoon.

Snow bunnies on Monday's snow day.