Happy B-Day Etsy!

Today marks the 4th birthday of Etsy.com. I fondly remember this day four years ago as the very first Indie Craft Experience. I have often referred to that night as the most stressful night of my entire life! No doubt a success, it was all way more than we anticipated. I remember that morning saying “Wouldn’t it be cool if a hundred people showed up?” Then there were about 800 and Eyedrum‘s A/C couldn’t handle it, and consequently, it turned into the hottest night EVER. Ever. So much went wrong. We ran out of space for vendors. Ran out of tables. Ran out of change at the door. My most surreal moment was when a guy asked me to help move his sister’s car. As in pick it up and move it because it was blocked in. Um.

So we learn from the insanity. Take it in. Figure out a better way. And try again. The only other option is to give up.

In honor of their 4th b-day Etsy interviewed me as an old school Etsian. Despite the fact that I was crazy exhausted the day after the first ICE, I did manage to sign up for Etsy. I was the 21st crafter to join. Head over to Etsy to see what I had to say.