A Few Birthday Thoughts

Seriously so excited about my birthday.
I can’t help it. I’ve always been so in love with my birthday. It probably stems from my Mom knowing how to do up birthdays right. And here in Atlanta the weather is usually that exciting “it’s about to be spring” kind of weather. I’ve had my fair share of rainy birthdays and chilly birthdays, but I’ve also had more than my fair share of *perfect* weather birthdays. We’ll see how this afternoon pans out! Today is the last day of winter.

Yesterday I realized I had a fighting chance at reaching my 500th tweet on Twitter and thought reaching that goal would be a great way to close out the age of 31. At the end of the day I was about a dozen posts short so I figured it was time for Christy Fun Facts. My Twitter is hooked up to my Facebook so I had the delight of getting responses to these fun facts on both sites. This was especially fun on Facebook since some of my friends there go way back to 8th grade! I know a lot of people are frustrated by the new FB layout, but I’m just really thankful to be able to interact with people that I know from every phase of my life. I know some very nice, very cool peeps.

So I thought I’d share the fun facts here just for a little birthday fun.

* I was born in Dallas, TX…what? I know! It seems like I would have been born in the A-T-L, right?!

* I met my now husband at the Brick Store Pub in Decatur … we got married a few yards from the pub in the gazebo on Decatur’s square.

* My mom, my sister and myself all attended the same college … Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA http://www.agnesscott.edu

* I played cello from 6th-9th grade. But, alas, switched to art.

* My senior year of high school BFFs were Jim & Kyle. We drank lots of coffee, ate Taco Bell and explored RR tracks.

* My brother-in-law introduced me to Americanos…I thought they were an odd concept (watered down espresso??) til I tried it.

* When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I declared that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up … I was such a focused 8 yr old!

* When I was a kid there was a magical doll museum on Peachtree St. next to the Cathedral of St. Philip in Buckhead (Atl) … magical.

* Lost in Translation is one of my most fave movies. Also Annie Hall, Amelie, The Royal Tenenbaums and High Fidelity.

* Have I ever told you how much I love olives?

* I have high hopes for 32…31 was kinda difficult. But I feel like I turned a corner in a lot of ways and 32 has potential to be amazing!!!!

* 500th tweet!! whoohoo! Tomorrow I’ll be 32. Thankful for many things…Top of the List=Davis…true love…xoxoxo

I also discovered today that I have the same birthday as Ornette Coleman, whose music I probably never would have heard had I not had the pleasure of a great music education from Davis during the past nine years.

Looking forward to the coming year…and also lunch! And dinner! I’m going to Thrive in downtown Atlanta and headed to Leon’s in downtown Decatur tonight for dinner.
So here’s to 32!!!