The uber-talented Jessica Gonacha just started a new blog called Peacannoot. Her motivation for the site was a realization that, during this current economic climate, people are looking for ways to be more abundant and positive in their lives, thus, the blog’s tagline is “Make Every Day Abundant”. Via images from artists, photographers, designers and illustrators, the website is sure to inspire us all!

“I’ve been noticing lately that it’s very easy for me to get sucked into the fear and uncertainty in the world right now and view all that is happening through a negative lens,” explains Jessica. “I am inherently a worrier, so for me this is no good. So I’ve gone looking for ways to shift my perspective. The world won’t necessarily change, but my experience of it can. I’ve also noticed that images play a powerful role in shaping my thoughts, and there are a lot of positivity blogs and sites out there, but none with the types of images I wanted to see. So, I started creating them myself. And I thought that if I wanted to be impacted in a positive way through images, then I bet other people would, too, and they’d probably want to join in the creation as well! So I invited other artists to participate, and I’ve found that right now people everywhere seem to be looking for ways to be more abundant and positive in their lives. The response has been incredible so far – people are amazing!”

For your daily dose of inspiration make sure you check out Pecannoot. Here’s an image by Jessica that I’m going to focus on for inspiration and motivation.

by Jessica Gonacha