Vegan Cupcakes Now Available at the Atlanta Cupcake Factory

I tend to profess my love for the Atlanta Cupcake Factory a lot. It’s so yummy, the owner (Jamie) is sooo nice, it’s right around the corner from my apartment and there is something magical about entering the shop and picking out one of the pretty treats! Choosing is always very difficult.

I found out on Saturday that they are now serving vegan cupcakes on the weekend. Vegan baker, Jessica, told us all about their new offerings. I’m not vegan (but appreciate such things) and went back on Sunday to try one. Had I not been told it was vegan, it never would have crossed my mind. It was quite delicious. Becky was very happy to hear the news too since a bunch of folks are always raving about the cupcakes there!

And three cheers for the Atlanta Cupcake Factory – they were included in a Wall Street Journal article about sweets shops!

Cupcake Love!!!
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