(opening sequence of Handmade Nation)

Faythe was in town this past week to promote Handmade Nation, the book and the documentary. She had a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Alpharetta, a suburn of Atlanta that I’d never visited before.

This sign was at the entrance to Barnes and Noble.
Faythe at Barnes and Noble, Alpharetta

And here she is with a big stack of books.

Faythe at Barnes and Noble, Alpharetta

The next night Faythe did a short talk at Young Blood Gallery & Boutique, which included showing a 20 minute clip of the documentary.

Faythe at Young Blood

This was the first time I’d seen an actual completed portion of the film and I was really blown away. It looks so good and the content was so inspiring. It was really cool seeing people I know, like Susan Beal and Jenny Hart, talk about indie craft and to also see footage of shows that I participate in, like Renegade. Sometimes in the midst of working really hard it is hard to see the big picture. I only see the half completed stack of earrings in front of me or a cumbersome vendor map for ICE that I need to finish.

Seeing this clip of the film reminded me that I am a member of a large community that I am very proud of for its hard work, creativity and moxie.

Handmade Nation, the book