One regret I have as an adult is that I simply do not read as much as I used to. Growing up, reading was such a huge part of every day. I would get absolutely absorbed into books and would devote massive amounts of time to this educational pleasure. I guess the key factor is time … I don’t have much of it! I’ve started taking the bus in the morning though, and the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed reading while I stand at my corner waiting for it.

Reading - only books by people I know!

I’ve decided that for the time being I’m only going to read books by people because there are many new releases both this year and next. My definition of “know” is: friends, people I’ve met in person and people I have corresponded with online but have not met in person. We’ll see how long this project lasts but I know for sure it will be sometime in 2009 before I run out of books. In fact, some of them on my list don’t even come out until next year. Most are craft related, surprise, and a couple are by people I met via crafts, but the subject matter is not related. And one has not a thing to do with crafts!

So here is my run down …

Currently, I am reading Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are by Rob Walker. Rob writes a column for the New York Times Magazine called “Consumed,” and I first contacted him after he mentioned the Indie Craft Experience in an article called Craft Work. Rob also wrote the famous Handmade 2.0 article that appeared in the magazine last holiday season. While the book itself is not about crafts, Buying In includes a section on D.I.Y.

Buying In

Next up is Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft and Design by Faythe Levine and Cortney Heimerl. I’ve, of course, already started reading part of this even though I really try to just read one book at a time. How could i resist though! This book is based on the documentary by the same name and was just released. It highlights crafters from all over the country as well as DIY as a movement. I’m extremely proud to be one of the crafters in the book.

Handmade Nation

After these first two books, I’ll get going on the long list of everything else.

The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl’s Guide to Handmade Jewelry by Jennifer Perkins.

The Naughty Secretary Club

The Professors’ Wives’ Club by Joanne Rendell, who wrote a column for

The Professors' Wives' Club

Knitting for Good!: A Guide to Creating Personal, Social, and Political Change Stitch by Stitch by Betsy Greer. Release date November 11, 2008.

A Guide to Creating Personal, Social, and Political Change Stitch by Stitch

Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing: Fabu-Low-Sew Projects for the Everyday Crafter by Kathy Cano-Murillo. Release date February 17, 2009.

Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing

Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan. Release date is February 17, 2009.

Sew Darn Cute

Button It Up by Susan Beal is due to release on March 1, 2009. I contributed a project to this book.

Button It Up

Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes. Release date is April 14, 2009.

Chic & Simple Sewing

Lastly, there is a book called Love at the Pub by Mary Jane Mahan. I don’t know the exact release date, but I’m very excited to read it because it is all about the Brick Store Pub … yah, that’s right! The Brick Store – home of many, many, many good times back in the day and also where I met Davis.

So here’s to reading! May next year grant me much more time to indulge!