Ooooo, it’s Bead-Simple-Eve…maybe not quite as well known as Christmas Eve, Bead-Simple-Eve is the night before the book is released to the public. I’m so excited for you! I’ve been enjoying my copy for a few weeks now and you, dear public, get to enjoy it now too (well not now, you have to wait til tomorrow). So here’s a super, duper shout out to my friend Susan Beal and her fantastic book and the 39 designers who contributed! You’ll be able to keep up with all sorts of Bead-Simple-goodness here.

Holy cow - I'm in a book!

On Wednesday, it’s the Atlanta Craft Mafia‘s first Craft Happy Hour. Bring a craft to work on and any supplies you are tired of. This is your opportunity to destash that growing pile of supplies, oh, and pick up some new stuff (yah, I don’t think the pile will end up any smaller, you just might run into some other fun stuff!).

Craft Happy Hour

Sunday rounds out the week with the Manuel’s Tavern Spring Art Show. From noon to 4 p.m. come buy yourself something nice and handmade and enjoy a beer in one of the ATL’s oldest establishments.

Manuel's Tavern Spring Art Show

If only every week were this crafty-fun!